6 Undeniable Perks of Using Demountable Walls

6 Undeniable Perks of Using Demountable Walls

by Proforma Construction Inc, April 22, 2021

Most commercial spaces don’t usually come partitioned and organized exactly the way the end-user needs them. With demountable walls, you can divide up your office in a manner that best suits your unique requirements. You can use such walls to create privacy, integrate technology, and build a more productive office environment.

If you’re looking to set up a new office, here’s how demountable walls can help you quickly customize spaces.

What Are Demountable Walls?

Demountable walls are architectural partitions used to set up and separate indoor spaces. The walls can be moved and reinstalled at a new location. You can use them in an office with an open floor plan to customize the layout or create privacy. The removable panels are usually as tall as the room’s full height.

There are two main types of demountable wall systems:

  • Modular walls-These are pieces or panels that need to be assembled onsite, and usually require more labor to set up.
  • Unitized walls-These come as a complete unit and are much easier to install.

Why Do You Need Modular Walls in Your Workplace?

Modular walls provide added flexibility and customization options.

What Are the Benefits of Using Demountable Walls?

  1. Better Privacy

Creating privacy in modern offices with open floor plans can be challenging. Such layouts are usually extensive and don’t naturally provide distraction-free and private office environments for holding sensitive conversations or meetings. When constructing an office with an open floor plan, you can divide the interior spaces into customized offices or conference rooms to improve the privacy of your official conversations and minimize ambient noise.

One way to achieve this is by installing demountable walls. For example, you can use tempered glass panels to achieve excellent acoustics. If you need to provide a decent level of visual privacy, you can use glass films.

  1. Enhanced Flexibility

Any business with growth ambitions appreciates the importance of being able to quickly adjust to change. When it comes to expanding office spaces, demountable walls can provide the necessary flexibility. You can use them to seamlessly reorganize your physical spaces and accommodate your growing staff size. You will not have to close your business for days on end to expand your office using modular panels.

  1. Easy, Clutter-Free Office Space Modifications

When you need to reconfigure, modify, or expand your offices, you can quickly do that with demountable walls. It’s possible to unmount and relocate the partitions without messing with drywall, electrical systems, and insulation. Clutter-free office space modifications let you save on post-installation cleanup costs. 

  1. Cost-Effectiveness

Demountable walls used in the creation of modern office spaces continue to gain popularity because of their cost-effectiveness. The partitions are made of affordable materials and cost less to install, reconfigure, or clean up than traditional walls. You can easily unmount and relocate the walls without necessarily hiring specialty contractors for the job, significantly reducing construction costs.

Additionally, demountable partitions allow you to save on installation time and material cost. This is because you can quickly change floor layouts without wasting time or construction material.

  1. Environmental Sustainability

If sustainability is part of your organization’s long-term missions or goals, consider creating your office using demountable walls. Such partitions are an eco-friendly option that can help a business or project to attain specific sustainability standards for reasons such as qualifying for tax credits or environmental awards.

  1. Supports Various Styles

Demountable walls let designers easily work with various style preferences. They are an excellent option for cheaply partitioning office spaces based on customized floor layouts.

These are some of the reasons for using demountable walls to divide up and customize your office spaces.  Are you looking for an experienced construction company in the Bay Area? Contact the experts at Proforma Construction to learn more about how we can resolve all your construction needs. We are available at your service even during the pandemic.