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Over 30 years of experience

Design Assist/Design Build • Commercial • Adaptive Reuse • New Construction • Tenant Improvements

With our unique 3-step process approach to every project and professional connections, we coordinate all the professional service trades required to take a project from conception to completion.

We interview the customer and ask questions about their business to gain a full understanding about the intended use of their new facility or investment.

  • For owners, we investigate current operations and how they relate to future operations.
  • For investors, we ask about return on investment.

Three Step Process

Through Proforma’s 3-step process, we develop options in the form of multiple plans for conceptual study and provide preconstruction analysis as well as a detailed cost budget that is realistic because it is performed by us, contractors with hands on experience and not “engineers or architect’s” estimates.

Design Development (Pre-Construction)

Purpose: To define the project requirements. Offer alternative choices based on theme or budget, define the scope of work, and present value propositions for the right price as a guide to the final design.


  • Customer interviews
  • System design programming
  • Select the team dedicated to the project
  • Customer review and making the project fit “their budget”
  • Preliminary Space Planning
  •  – Dynamic editing and adjusting to meet customer needs
  • City Meetings (as needed)
  • Start customer controls


  • A fully defined project with floor plans
  • Cost Budget developed by contractors and not “engineers estimates”
  • A planning tool the owner can rely on – Schedules
  • Jurisdictional Planning Approvals (if needed)

Construction Documents

Purpose: To obtain all permits from required agencies so that costs can be finalized.


  • Taking information collected in Step 1 – licensed professionals under Proforma Construction’s direction produce Construction documents.
  • Produce Specifications
  • Final Budgeting


  • A permit set of documents
  • Full cost for a ready-to-build project


  • This phased method of design allows owners to make minor changes to the project system without suffering the consequences of field construction change order costs and time delays.
  • Allows Proforma Construction and the approving agencies to concentrate on the overall design, which results in an earlier completion date, while allowing the owner to concentrate on their business.

Construction and Project Management

Scope is agreed, budgets presented earlier are placed into action, and the customer makes the ultimate decision.

Proforma Construction manages the project, supervises the site, schedules all trades, manages subcontracts, provides project accounting, and self performs when needed for the best price for the project.

Essentially, we turn your project conceptions into reality!