Northern California Construction: The Goddard School

Northern California Construction: The Goddard School

by Proforma Construction Inc, June 23, 2015

Northern California Construction Update On The Goddard School

Whether you had a great preschool experience that set you up for success or had a rough go of it that you remember less than fondly, you know that a person’s preschool years are crucially important. So does The Goddard School, and that is why they aim to help children on the path to social and academic success. One way they do that is by carefully cultivating the ideal learning space. Consequently, when they needed someone to build new schools, they turned to Proforma.

The Goddard School is a perfect example of the caliber of Proforma Construction’s Northern California construction projects.

The Goddard School has only approved a select few contractors for their construction, and Proforma has made the cut. Why? Not only did we take the time to become well-versed in the rules and regulations to which a preschool must adhere, we went above and beyond in every aspect of our work with these important buildings.

Our carefully cultivated team of engineers, architects, and design builders worked closely together to take the national prototype for The Goddard School and tailor it to the California code of site specific and limited land use parcels. Not only did we make their national model work in California, we also made it happen on budget.

Furthermore, we worked tirelessly to get all of the necessary approvals, from local planning, state licensing, and CEQA to conditional use permitting, building department permitting, and final build out. All of this resulted in our ability to build beautiful schools to help best shape formative years for preschool children in San Ramon, Folsom, and Rocklin.

Clearly, we dedicate ourselves 100% to every project we take on. If you are looking for this kind of commitment and top-tier service, contact Proforma Construction today!