Stress Management Tips For Construction Workers

Stress Management Tips For Construction Workers

by Proforma Construction Inc, September 18, 2015

How you can help your construction workers manage their stress.

Most jobs are stressful, but working in the construction industry can put a particular strain on a person. Not only do workers have to commute to different jobs and use their bodies all day, they also know that a small accident could have major consequences.

It’s not surprising, then, that stress is a major problem in the construction industry. It doesn’t just affect employees, either. When stressed, construction workers are more likely to make mistakes or fall behind schedule, impacting your project.

We want to help local construction businesses take the best possible care of their team, so we’re offering employers these stress management tips to help them help their construction workers.

  • Listen: You don’t have to figure out what’s stressing your employees out on your own. In fact, if you invite their feedback, you’ll likely find it incredibly easy to learn what they’re up against. Create a means for your staff to communicate their stressors to you, and you’ll be able to learn about what your team on the ground is feeling.
  • Be Flexible: Give your employees more control, and they might be able to negate some of their stressors themselves. This might look differently on different job sites or with different employees, but let your staff know you want them to be able to work how they want.
  • Keep Track: We might feel peeved about today’s annoyances, but if we can look back and see how far we’ve come it’s easier to shake them off. Have a documentation system where you write out stressors and keep track of steps taken and progress made to minimize them.

We hope these tips help our colleagues in the construction industry manage their stress. We’re definitely using them ourselves! If you have an upcoming commercial construction project in Pleasanton or one of the neighboring California cities, don’t hesitate to contact Proforma Construction today. We work to manage our stress so we can focus all of our energy on managing your project.