Pump Up Your Pumpkin Designs With These Decorating Ideas!

Pump Up Your Pumpkin Designs With These Decorating Ideas!

by Proforma Construction Inc, October 26, 2015

Use these pumpkin decorating ideas to create unique, stunning Halloween decor.

Halloween is almost here. Have you got your pumpkins ready to decorate your stoop? If you want to take your holiday decorations to the next level, use these creative non-carve pumpkin ideas this Halloween!

Galaxy Gourd: Grab a pumpkin, carve a whole in its bottom, and scoop out its innards. Then, paint it with a couple coats of black chalkboard paint. With white chalk, mark out a constellation. Using a drill bit, drill points into each “star” and poke a light from a battery-powered string through it from the inside. Use chalk to scatter other stars across your canvas for a stellar design!

Lace Look: Give your pumpkins a delicate, elegant feel by covering them with fabric doilies. Just dip your doilies in liquid starch and lay them over your pumpkins, stretching until they lay flat across the pumpkin’s surface. Let them dry overnight, wipe off excess starch, and you have a beautifully decorated pumpkin with less than ten minutes of work!

Pumpkin Planter: Who says your pumpkin’s surface has to be the focal point of your décor? Cut the top off your pumpkin, scoop it out, and plant your favorite fall flowers (calendulas and succulents are great options for this time of year) in it, using the pumpkin as a “vase.” Arrange moss in any gaps in your arrangement to give it a true fall feel.

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