Project Highlight: Tracy Montessori Elementary School

Project Highlight: Tracy Montessori Elementary School

by Proforma Construction Inc, May 4, 2016

We are excited to introduce our newest project: Tracy Montessori Elementary School!

Tracy Montessori Elementary will be a 30,000 sq. feet school with 8 classrooms for grades kindergarten through eighth grade. (Unlike many traditional elementary schools in which the highest grade is only the sixth grade.)

It’s located on 120 Murrieta Way in Tracy, near the Valpico Rd. and Tracy Ave. intersection; across the street from Gandy Dancer Dr.

Because of our excellent planning, site work and concrete foundation are now complete, and framework is well underway using a “smart frame” design. A new feature which we are very happy to be using for this kind of project! And this school be equipped with radiant heated flooring to keep the polished concrete floor nice and toasty.

Being stuck in a school all day is not a good way to for children to get excited about learning.  To accommodate their biological need to run around and play, there will be a full volleyball and basketball court inside the gym along with a soccer field out back.

Building schools for children is essentially building the future, for the future. Implementing newer technologies and architectural designs are imperative to not only make the building look and feel amazing but also making it an inviting place for children where they look forward to coming and learning every day.

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