Remodeling? Advice From Your Pleasanton General Contractor

Remodeling? Advice From Your Pleasanton General Contractor

by Proforma Construction Inc, July 8, 2015

Your Pleasanton General Contractor’s Guide To Remodel Success

How long did you spend planning your last vacation? Weeks, probably, if not months. Yet, when it comes time to remodel their commercial space, many people are tempted to blow through the planning process as quickly as possible to avoid interruptions to business. Unfortunately, this can lead to issues with the project down the road and change orders.

So your remodel can bring all of your visions to life on budget and on time, your Pleasanton general contractors would like to offer these considerations.

  • Get A Clear Idea: Your Pinterest board might be full of beautiful interior design ideas and paint colors, but it is important you get clear on exactly what you want and need, from the fun frills like new carpet and tile to the less exciting details like ADA and other requirements to bring you space up to code. Taking the time to outline exactly what you hope to get from your remodel and what is required will ensure your finished project meets your budget and is not left lacking.
  • Get Prepared: A commercial remodel can be a major undertaking. Prepare yourself so you will know what to expect by asking a professional to help you determine what will be required to meet updated code requirements and pass inspections. This can help you ensure your remodel does not hit major speed delays or unexpected costs.
  • Get Ahead: It would be a shame to put all of this effort into your remodel now only to find it does not meet your needs in a few years. Make sure you will love your project long-term and double-check that the cost will not price your commercial space above market rents or re-sale value.

For all of your general contractor needs in Pleasanton and the surrounding area, contact Proforma Construction. As experts with over thirty years of experience helping taking home remodels from fantasy to reality, we can help your remodel be all you imagine and more!