5 Ways to Keep Holiday Stress under Control During COVID-19

5 Ways to Keep Holiday Stress under Control During COVID-19

by Proforma Construction Inc, December 11, 2020

Even though holidays are meant to be full of cheer, they can also be a time of stress. The pandemic has brought extra stress to businesses in terms of uncertain finances, social distancing, and greater liability risks. Besides, the stress of dealing with tight schedules and trying to buy the right gifts can cause additional worries.
Here are 5 ways in which you can manage holiday stress and keep it under control.

1. Create a Must-Do List

Make a list of projects you want to accomplish during the holiday season. It might include planning parties, decorating your tree, or sending out annual holiday greeting cards. For some people, their list might consist of everything they wanted to do throughout the year but couldn’t. Once you decide on your projects for the season, devote time in your schedule to get parts of the project done eventually.

Establishing a list helps motivate you to meet the challenges of a holiday schedule. If you are a business owner, an essential key to holiday stress management during the pandemic is working with your insurance agency to ensure all your employees, including temporary workers, are adequately protected.

2. Emphasize Special Calendar Dates

Think about turning each activity on your list into an “event” on your calendar. Use your calendar as a regular reference and treat each of these events as important. By creating a flexible schedule and paying attention to dates, you will be able to manage stress around the holidays with greater ease.

3. Pay Attention to Health

One of the most understated problems during the holiday season is how many individuals indulge heavily in candy and junk food, which are unhealthy choices when taken to extremes. Eating food with low nutritional value can cause illness or lower your energy levels. You can always avoid fatigue, depression, and mood swings by eating healthier foods, especially fresh fruits and leafy vegetables.

An adequate amount of rest is essential for good health. Many times people feel distressed during the day because they couldn’t sleep properly at night. Getting the right amount of sleep ensures clearer thinking and promotes greater work efficiency.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has adversely affected individuals with weak immune systems. However, you can strengthen your immune system by getting proper exercise, which would directly impact your energy level, mood, and emotion. Staying physically fit will not only enhance your self-confidence but would also ensure an optimistic attitude towards life.

4. Don’t Let Opinions Escalate Anger

Avoid getting wrapped up in conflicting opinions and pointless debates. It’s better to keep long-term relationships than prove you were right about something that may otherwise be inconsequential. The pandemic has affected all of us to varying extents. Being mindful of other people’s emotions can go a long way in preventing unnecessary fights and verbal arguments.

5. Manage Social Distancing

Planning a party may present a whole new set of problems due to the need for social distancing. Make sure to follow the basic guidelines, such as everyone must wear a mask and keep a distance of about 10 feet from others. Instead of hosting big parties, focus on inviting a handful of your closest friends, and explore new and creative ways to engage with your small gathering. You can also plan an online virtual party and stay connected with your friends without worrying about getting COVID infected.

These are a few ways in which you can manage stress around the holidays and throughout the pandemic. Contact the experts at Proforma Construction to learn more about how to achieve comfort and productivity in the workplace. We have over 30 years of experience with a diverse background in helping businesses achieve goals in design and construction.