How to Finish a Commercial Construction Project on Time

How to Finish a Commercial Construction Project on Time

by Proforma Construction Inc, January 19, 2017

Commercial construction projects need to be finished on time, but doing so can oftentimes be difficult. So how do you finish a commercial construction project on time?

Leading up to the start of the start of the World Cup in 2018, many are asking the question of “Will Russia be ready?” After the less-than-successful run that Rio de Janeiro had in 2016, many construction companies worry about not finishing on time. And it’s not just big commercial construction companies that have to abide by a schedule, it is commercial companies of all sizes. If you want your commercial construction company to finish its commercial construction project on time, here are a few key tips on how to do so.

  1. Clear Communication
    Even before the construction begins, you need to have open communication with all involved parties. Keep them up to date on everything that happens, both good and bad. This will help avoid any future problems or misunderstandings.
  2. Bring the Contractor Early
    The sooner you bring in your contractor, the greater the certainty of finishing on time. When commercial construction companies are brought in early, they can help build a schedule based on the actual opening date, and make sure the timeline given is realistic for the contractors, developers, landlord, tenants, and operations team.
  3. Avoid Budget Speed Bumps
    Create a conceptual construction budget concurrent with the design process, they can advise the client on design decisions to help them remain within their budget–which ultimately streamlines the initial stages of the project to help keep construction time and cost under the intended schedule and budget, respectively.

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