Different Types of Modern Commercial Construction

Different Types of Modern Commercial Construction

by Proforma Construction Inc, August 19, 2021

Commercial construction needs to continuously evolve to match the dynamic requirements of owners in the corporate and industrial sectors. As a commercial general contractor or an architect, you usually get involved in projects requiring you to design or build different types of spaces for business use, such as hospitals, hotels, or retail stores. Read on to learn more about the unique attributes of these different types of modern commercial construction.

  1. Retail Stores

    Grocery stores, shopping malls, and other brick & mortar retail spaces are still popular despite the advent of e-Commerce. As people continue doing their shopping at retail stores, there’s a need to cater to proper aesthetics and branding when designing these physical spaces. Designers should also provide functionally practical spaces that allow the fluid movement of foot traffic.

  2. Restaurants

    Restaurants are critical establishments in the hospitality sector. People expect the best of hospitality standards in the construction of these spaces. As a commercial general contractor, you’ll need to capture your client’s branding specifications in your overall output. Besides creating comfortable and welcoming spaces for revelers, you’ll also have to address local regulations. Don’t forget best practices for fire and electricity safety planning for key areas, including the kitchen.

  3. Lodging Facilities

    In hotels, motels, and other accommodation facilities, guests expect nothing short of luxury and optimal comfort. When you’re tasked with making these commercial constructions a reality, you’ll need to plan extensively for a wide spectrum of non-negotiable specifications. Project owners will have custom requirements like room size, but there are also mandatory provisions in the design, such as fire safety, emergency exits, guest privacy, and soundproofing. You should also ensure proper design and distribution of amenities and utilities, including power, waterlines, and plumbing systems.

  4. Office Workspaces

    Office buildings come in diverse shapes, from simple designs for basic functions to complex skyline-defining skyscrapers. Many sport unique architectural designs and those owned by major corporations will usually include some branding elements. These commercial constructions also demand proper provision for amenities, including bathrooms, to support specific corporate workspace requirements. In addition, fire escapes are a vital component of their design.

  5. Industrial Facilities

    These structures are common in the manufacturing and warehousing sectors. They’re designed with important safety and best practices in mind to guarantee their practicality, whether in storing manufactured products or housing production equipment. Some of the important design considerations for these modern commercial constructions include proper ventilation, ceiling height for particular spaces, equipment size, and workplace safety.

  6. Healthcare Facilities

    These establishments play a vital role in enhancing wellness in any society. Like most other commercial constructions, their physical design varies based on application. There are smaller spaces for a doctor’s office and much bigger hospitals providing both out-patient and in-patient healthcare services. When designing these buildings, you’ll want to provide for the fluidity of movement for medical staff and patients and space for life-saving equipment. Remember to build accessible facilities for all patients regardless of their health and socioeconomic status.

  7. Sports/Fitness Structures

    Some of the world’s greatest architectural marvels are stadiums. These are always designed with comfort, superior aesthetics, and crowd safety in mind. Accommodation planning, including specialized stands, can be incorporated to expand capacity without compromising the view for spectators. Smaller structures like gymnasiums, high school playgrounds, and spa centers belong in this category.

These are some of the types of structures you may be involved in developing as a commercial general contractor in the Bay Area. As you focus on your core works, the experts at Proforma Construction can help you effectively manage any construction project risks you face day to day. Contact us right away for expert guidance in line with your specific needs.