3 Essential Factors that Contractors Must Consider While Planning a Site Office

3 Essential Factors that Contractors Must Consider While Planning a Site Office

by Proforma Construction Inc, January 14, 2021

As many construction crews resume work during the pandemic, the construction site office must be well run to keep different projects in order. Management must ensure that social distancing and other measures to stop the spread of Covid-19 are taken responsibly. Here’s a look at planning construction site office requirements to maintain a healthy and productive work environment.

1. Safety and Security

The construction site office must deal with a wide range of concerns, including safety and security as top priorities. Standards are forming in the pandemic period for setting strict requirements involving social distancing and hygiene. Workers need to distance themselves using the “one-meter-plus” rule, which means crew members should be 1-2 meters apart. Another common trend is for job sites to ensure handwashing stations at the entrance and exit points.

Construction companies are setting work behavior policies that help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Workspaces are now being limited with a lower capacity. Some new policies are designed to improve security and prevent theft. Keeping valuable items in a durable steel storage container is an effective protection strategy for construction companies. Combining a steel storage container with an office has many advantages.

Weatherproofing should be used on projects scheduled during the rainy months. It can protect equipment and workers from environmental elements. Another proactive safety measure is to ensure all job sites provide easy access to first aid kits and a fire extinguisher.

2. Hub for Utility and Amenities

The construction site office requirements should include both utility and amenities for personnel to make it a resourceful hub. Some of the main documents that should be stored at the office include an accident log, forms and policies, risk assessments, work permits, and a site register. Since it’s the hub for construction activity, it should have signage.

The site office should display notices for members to read, which is useful for project updates. In terms of office technology, the office should include a digital device that allows crew members to sign in and out. The company’s cloud-based business network should be set up so that all members have access to assignment information. Members should be able to contact each other seamlessly via phone, email, chat, or video conferencing.

Workers need amenities to make the workplace a comfortable environment. Some of these features might include showers, portable drying rooms, and a kitchen. One of the keys to a healthy and productive workforce is to allow workers to take regular breaks and have moments of enjoyable activity. Construction companies can reduce turnover by providing a team-oriented work environment while practicing social distancing.

Workers should be able to turn to the job office site for access to any information they need about the project. The office should always be ready during business hours to provide answers to employees and stakeholders.

3. Visibility and Energy Efficiency

Windows are the key to both visibility of the outside world and energy efficiency. The construction site office design should emphasize visibility to ensure safety. One option for strong visibility is installing double-glazed windows that allow people to view the site. This type of window uses two panes of glass and is more energy-efficient than single-pane windows.

The buffer zone in between the two glass sheets helps create a strong barrier to outside temperatures. Well, insulated double-glazed windows can be further enhanced with thermal curtains, weatherproofing, and adding window insulation film. When glass appears to be foggy between the two panes, it’s best to replace the glass.

The pandemic has caused construction companies to rethink how site offices are designed. Firms are now developing offices that facilitate social distancing. Are you looking for an experienced construction company in the Bay Area? Contact the experts at Proforma Construction to learn more about how we can resolve all your construction needs. We are available at your service even during the pandemic.