Commercial Construction Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Commercial Construction Preventive Maintenance Checklist

by Proforma Construction Inc, May 9, 2017

Before you make headlines about how your business did not take the proper preventive maintenance care, make sure that you follow this checklist. 

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that many oil spills can easily be prevented. Unfortunately, oil companies look for shortcuts at every turn and that’s why we hear of multiple spills annually. (The most recent one was in North Dakota in December of 2016).

You may not own an oil corporation, but your business can still skip some preventative measures which may get it into trouble. To avoid disasters, environmental or otherwise, here is the commercial construction preventive maintenance checklist your business should follow.

HVAC – Investing even the minimal amount each quarter in the maintenance of your HVAC systems can add to your business’ longevity, keep everything working properly, and avoid unnecessary problems that can arise.

Plumbing – Pipes may become clogged or eroded, so it is important that your business does periodic inspections on older pipes and jetting can help to keep new or old system clean, healthy, and long-lasting.

Electrical Systems – You should have had your electric breakers examined before you opened your business. If not, this habitual maintenance is important to develop to keep your electrical systems up and running.

Kitchens – The health department will walk through these once a year, so it pays to do regular maintenance to keep your good ratings. The least you should do is touch up the grout and caulk before the inspector’s visit.

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