Brightening Young Minds With Color and Tone

Brightening Young Minds With Color and Tone

by Proforma Construction Inc, April 25, 2016

Construction and architecture are ever evolving industries that require innovation.

As education changes, the building in which students learn changes with it. The school of yesteryear—those with desks facing a bland blackboard and monotonous dead bricks—are giving way to new kinds of learning spaces. Learning studios, lab-like spaces, and open classrooms are changing not only changing scholastic vocabulary, but architectural vocabulary as well. With this new environment, color is going to come more into play more than it has in any other time in American history.

Our weird human brains are constantly looking for patterns as a primary problem-solving mode in everyday life. Contemporary research is upending some of the myths about color and learning environments.

By using color as an associative key for defining space, architects are bringing more color, into education design. Brightly contrasting colors make spaces more lively, and create a visual order to things.

Color has known effects on mood and thought process. Certain colors have been shown to produce calming effects, lower anxiety, and improve focus. Children also respond to color differently at different ages. Some elementary schools are now being painted with bright geometric designs to make the association between fun and learning—which is important to start early in their lives. Or a color that promotes calmness and focus may be the best choice for a college lecture hall, but not for a junior high learning lab.

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