An In-depth Look at the Different Phases of Construction

An In-depth Look at the Different Phases of Construction

by Proforma Construction Inc, May 13, 2021

The construction industry is complex, and there are various scenarios for which you have to plan. It takes time and dedication to brainstorm a project and ensure that it’s completed exactly as you wanted. Here is a look at the different steps of completing a construction project.

Research shows that over 50 percent of construction project owners were not satisfied with at least one of their projects last year. Many projects fail to reach the expected heights because of poor planning. If you believe that one of your projects failed to meet expectations, learning about the different phases of construction can help you stay on track. Use this guide to create better projects, which improves customer retention rates and your performance record.

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While brainstorming a construction project, you’ll have to decide if the project is important. During the initial stages, you have to gather a feasibility report. The feasibility report will help you identify if your proposed project can fill a need. If the need is there and your project is a feasible solution, you can start assigning people to perform different tasks. Find someone you trust and assign them to the role of project manager.


As you move forward with your project, you have to start brainstorming how you’re going to execute it. Start planning all of the necessary work and resources, estimated costs, and a projected timeline to have everything completed. During the preparation stage, you’ll need to talk about the possibility of adding extra staff including contractors and designers. You’ll also have to think about obtaining all of the necessary permits and licenses to complete the project. Your project manager will be tasked with putting together the budget and project itinerary.


Once you have a guideline for the project, it’s time to proceed. Make sure that you stay in constant communication with your project manager and everyone else working on the project. This helps ensure that everyone is on the same page. Closely monitor the project at every stage. Your project manager should be prepared to make adjustments if things change. Make sure that any changes are communicated to the entire team. It’s important that you notify your customers of the progress through regular reports. They should review multiple aspects of the project to make sure that you are adhering to their standards of quality work.

Final Stage

As the project enters the final stage, you have to take care of several details to make sure that your customers are satisfied. Formulate all of the project documentation, release all of the resources and terminate all supplier contracts. Make sure that all of the project’s stakeholders are notified about the project’s final stages. Once the project has been completed, assess the parts that turned out perfect and which areas you can improve for future projects. Finalizing the project is the most important step.

Completing a construction project takes a lot of planning and due diligence. Once you have a clear understanding of the four phases of construction, you’ll be able to consistently produce the best work for your clients. If you have any questions, contact the contractors at Proforma Construction. Our highly trained team is ready to assist you.