Landscaping Trends for Your Commercial Property in 2016

Landscaping Trends for Your Commercial Property in 2016

by Proforma Construction Inc, March 21, 2016

Keep up with these 3 commercial landscaping trends.

Landscaping is the most underrated quality of any property, even though it’s the very first thing that people will notice. Bad or mediocre landscaping will make even the most decorated building or house look about as average as a suburban home in the 1950s. Beautiful landscape creates a certain feel and value that keeps people talking about how amazing it looks, which, in turn, keeps the clients and tenants happy. Know which landscaping trends are right around the bend, and will make your property the talk of the town in 2016.

  1. Hire the right arborist

Quality arborists are hired only by those who care about how their presence is felt throughout the area. Arborists that have knowledge about the local shrubbery and plants is one that you should look for. Those belonging to professional organizations are usually the best credentialed

2. Save water & money

Having a water conservation and an irrigation expert is a must when planning to save water and look good doing it. Technology is always progressing to improve water flow, and by installing these in your landscape you’ll be saving money.

  1. Prune trees & shrubs

Trees should be pruned once every three years for the first ten years of its life. Shrubs are tad bit more specific, and pruning will depend on whether you want them to grow naturally, or into a fun design.

Keeping up with trends can be fun, save you money and draw positive attention to your business. When looking for a general contractor in the Bay Area, we encourage you to contact Proforma Construction. We have a team of professionals who are equipped to meet all of your commercial construction needs and exceed all of your expectations. Whether you need a Pleasanton contractor or have a project in the surrounding California area, we’re here! Call us today to see what our services can do for you.