Why You Should Damp-Proof Your Building

Why You Should Damp-Proof Your Building

by Proforma Construction, April 4, 2019

The benefits of damp-proofing your commercial building.

When you are in the construction phase of a commercial building project, it’s important that you think ahead and take steps to preserve the future of the property.  One of the things that you can do now that will help the building in the future is damp-proofing it.  But how exactly does damp-proofing your commercial building benefit you?  Your Pleasanton contractor weighs in.

  • Reduced Risk of Health Issues

When moisture sinks into a building’s structure, it can result in issues such as mold growth.  While exposure to mold is bad for everyone, it poses a serious health risk for individuals with existing respiratory issues.  For instance, mold spores in the air can trigger asthma attacks or potentially deadly allergic reactions.  By taking the time to seal the building against damp now, you can reduce the health risks it poses to future employees and customers.

  • Improved Structural Integrity

One of the main goals of any commercial construction project is ensuring that the structure of the building is strong.  Unfortunately, if damp seeps into a building’s foundation, then this can lead to dangerous and expensive structural issues down the line.  To ensure the future stability of the building, it’s important to damp-proof it at every step in the construction process.

  • Fewer Cosmetic Issues

Finally, taking the time to damp-proof a building during the construction phase will reduce the chances of cosmetic issues down the line.  For instance, if damp develops in a building, then it can create an off-putting odor and cause unsightly blemishes.  Obviously, sealing the building against moisture will ensure that these issues do not create an unpleasant environment for the people working and visiting the finished building.

This is why damp-proofing your commercial building during the construction process will pay off in the future.  Do you have further questions regarding your commercial construction project?  If so, then turn to your Pleasanton contractor at Proforma Construction.   Serving Pleasanton and the surrounding California area, our highly-trained team is ready to make your commercial construction dreams a reality.