Understanding Your Construction Timeline

Understanding Your Construction Timeline

by Proforma Construction Inc, May 18, 2015

Like any project or development, your contractor will give you a set timeline for your construction project. While your initial reaction may be that this timeline seems lengthy, it is important to understand exactly what goes into the scheduling of a construction project. Before you start breaking ground, it is important to completely understand your timeline so realistic expectations are agreed to. Whether you are adapting an existing commercial space for reuse, doing a renovation, or building a project from the ground up, keep these important guiding points in mind for understanding your construction timeline:

  • Your timeline is not just a list of to-dos; rather, a carefully structured critical path with precedence and tracking goals that ensure specific events occur at the right times and completed in the proper order.
  • It is extremely important to understand how the construction timeline will affect your business. Before the construction even begins, we will discuss how the project will affect the start of your business or day-to-day function of your existing business.
  • Even the most well-though out timeline comes with unforeseen circumstances that can cause delays. By having a well thought out schedule prior allows for concurrent events to make unexpected issues become minor, like an insurance policy. Since there are a number of factors that may snag a projected timeline, it is important to have all options ready beforehand.

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