Learn About These Recycled Building Materials

Learn About These Recycled Building Materials

by Proforma Construction, December 6, 2018

Learn about these recycled building materials.

In recent years, the green revolution has had a major impact on the construction industry.  The influence is particularly clear when you look at the emergence of recycled building materials.  Here are some of the newest materials, completely made from waste, that contractors can use in their construction projects.


As the name suggests, NewspaperWood uses compressed newspapers to create a material similar to traditional wood blocks.  The designers of this material coat individual sheets of old newspapers with glue and then roll these sheets into logs.  As an added bonus, the glue that the manufacturer uses is solvent and plasticizer-free and will not have negative effects on the environment.

Nappy Roofing

Nappy Roofing is a product created by the company Knowaste.  Knowaste creates roofing tiles and other plastic building materials out of discarded diapers and other personal hygiene products.  Nappy Roofing is environmentally friendly because it clears out landfill space and reduces the greenhouse gases that would be produced by the incineration of used diapers and hygiene products.


Plasphalt is a mix of asphalt and recycled plastic.  This material offers a more environmentally-friendly alternative to paving roadways.  Instead of the sand or gravel grains traditionally used in asphalt, Plasphalt uses plastic grains made from discarded plastic waste, such as bottles and packaging.  As an added bonus, studies have shown that roads paved with Plasphalt are actually more durable than traditional roads.

These are some of the recycled building materials that are taking the construction industry by storm.  Looking for a contracting firm familiar with all the newest trends to handle your next building project?  Then turn to the experts at Proforma Construction.  Serving Pleasanton and the surrounding California area, our highly-trained team is ready to make your commercial construction dreams a reality.  Contact us to get started today.