More on Wafflemat

by Proforma Construction Inc, July 27, 2012

by Mark Gerton


How do you protect slab from expansive soil conditions and moisture intrusion? How do you save concrete on a post-tensioned slab? How do you add insulation value to your concrete slab? The answer to all three is simple. Use Wafflemat.

Wafflemat is a unique system of hollow boxes installed with the open face down. It elevates the slab 8 ½” or 12” above pad grade (depending on selection). The space between each cluster of four boxes creates a beam running two perpendicular direction that gives it the “waffle” appearance on the underside and makes it incredibly strong. With the hollow face down, soil expansion has somewhere to go that does not affect the integrity of the concrete. On this particular project, the Wafflemat eliminated the need for lime treatment and an aggregate base under the slab.