AB 1627 – Proposed Legislation that Needs Immediate Attention!

by Proforma Construction Inc, May 31, 2012

by Mark Gerton

Can you imagine wanting to build a new home, but when you submit your plans, you are told you’re not allowed to? Why, because you can’t prove that building it will reduce vehicle miles traveled by the occupants of that home. Or suppose you are allowed to build it providing you pay a vehicle miles traveled fee because you can’t prove you’re going to reduce your miles traveled? Even worse, what would you think if everybody in California that wanted to build anything, had to prove they were going to reduce vehicle miles traveled in order to get permission to build?

This scenario isn’t just a dream; it will be a reality if we don’t stop it. Proforma Construction, Inc. urges everyone to read the attached AB 1627 proposed legislation and contact their state assembly member and tell them to scrap this legislation before it becomes law.

In point of fact, this legislation is terrifying. Our government officials have forgotten that they are not the owners of private property or even public property, we are. They don’t make the payments on the mortgage and they don’t pay the taxes on the property. We do and we have constitutional rights that are being eroded, and in this case, obliterated by a government that truly believes it has the right to legislate everything we do from cradle to grave.

Unfortunately, they believe they have this right because we, as citizens and especially in California, have allowed them to push us around however they want. It’s time to take a stand and say enough is enough. If any of you want to start a petition drive, contact Mark Gerton at the Proforma offices and he will help you. We have put together a form that you can print or download and collect signatures. You may also contact your legislators directly at the following link:

Please see the two attached PDFs.

The first is the Assembly Bill known as:  AB 1627

The second is the Petition to Defeat AB 1627

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