A List of Must-Have Plumbing Tools for Every Contractor

A List of Must-Have Plumbing Tools for Every Contractor

by Proforma Construction, June 23, 2020

Every contractor needs several tools. Over the last few centuries, as the construction industry has evolved, so have the tools. Here is a list of plumbing tools for contractors that allow them to do their job easily and efficiently.


As long as nuts and bolts are joining the pipes, they will need to be tightened or loosened. Often the nuts and bolts are at unreachable corners, and that is when a contractor needs their pliers. If the situation requires you to hold a pipe while unscrewing the other, one of the best plumbing tools would be the tongue and groove pliers.

Drain Snake and Drain Augers

Innovative additions to the list of essential plumbing tools for every contractor are drain snakes and drain augers. These motorized plumbing tools are an excellent choice for clogged lines with a diameter of 1 to 3 inches. These are cables that move circularly and effectively take care of any obstruction on the path. For pipes, up to a diameter of 2 inches, a drain snake is preferred, whereas drain augers work well till three diameter pipes.

Safety Tools

A construction site is dangerous and fatal accidents can happen at any moment. To deal with such situations and avoid damage to the eyes, safety goggles are an essential tool. Similarly, heat shields will come in handy while soldering. Safety gloves give plumbers a good grip over wet pipes and go a long way in preventing the risk of accidents.

An up-to-date list of plumbing tools for contractors will be incomplete without the mention of business software. With dedicated software for managing the labor hours, keeping estimates, operating supplies, and payment, the software goes a long way in assisting contractors to do their job.

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