Commercial Tenant Improvement
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Commercial Tenant Improvement

May 14, 2015
Design Assist is for customers needing a space quickly under tight budget constraints. Often times tenant improvement can reuse material from the original build out to cut costs. We work with Real Estate Brokers and Landlord’s allowances in a lease or with owner controlled budgets based on rental income and CAP rates to help with our design. Construction can often start prior to completing the final design as we work on the core elements of your building like HVAC, plumbing, fire, and electrical systems where most of your base costs are derived. We can work out the finish selections at a later time while still allowing the project to move forward, saving our customer’s time and money.
But what makes Proforma unique is its understanding of real estate values, leases and purchases. Whether financed with an SBA or conventional loan, Proforma helps projects get approved for loan requirements or lease ups using our simple 3 step process.

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