Understanding the Importance of Planning and Scheduling in Construction

Understanding the Importance of Planning and Scheduling in Construction

by Proforma Construction Inc, June 15, 2020

Large construction projects need efficient clockwork and close monitoring to stay on track. Without proper planning and scheduling in construction, the project can take years to complete. Another importance of planning and scheduling is to avoid risks and ensure that all the rules are followed.


Ideally, the planning stage should involve things like the environment, commercial, industrial, etc. The Project Manager (PM) should be responsible for bringing everyone together and making the project plan. The PM should start with the client’s needs and then work out the rest of the details. Making a checklist will help in staying aligned with the client’s requirements. The PM can then move to make an elaborate plan that contains all the specifics like timelines and resources needed.

This stage also involves bidding, contracting, and making a business plan. The latter will enable the stakeholders to understand the variables for evaluating the project’s success or failure.

Another importance of planning in construction is the making of the blueprint. With a detailed design of the project, the contractors know what is to be done.


The primary importance of scheduling in construction is that it provides a visual plan for the project. The PM breaks the construction plan into smaller projects to make it more manageable. The schedule is shared with all the contractors so that they know the timelines they have to follow.

As crucial as it is to make a schedule, it is equally important to acknowledge when a milestone is missed. Keeping all the lines of communication open will help in keeping the program on track.

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