Top 8 Tips to Reduce Construction Risks

Top 8 Tips to Reduce Construction Risks

by Proforma Construction Inc, June 18, 2020

The world of business is full of ups and downs, and the construction business is no different. With the type of physical risk in construction sites, poor scheduling, and financial issues, there are several risks for the construction industry. 

Here are eight such construction risks and ways to reduce them:

Shortage of Skilled Labor

The inflow of an inexperienced workforce is a challenge for the construction industry, as it has an aging workforce. An easy way to reduce construction risks like these would be by looking to automate tasks as much as possible.

Environmental Risks

While you cannot alter the course of natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, or earthquakes, you can always be prepared. The key is to identify if your construction site is prone to any fury of nature and then act accordingly.


In the world of construction, a small miscommunication among teams can lead to delays which become the cause of cost overruns. Such overruns pile up over time and can cause huge risks. The use of construction management software is an easy way to minimize the risk of miscommunication.

Unorganized Documentation

Any construction project involves thousands of documents, and the loss or misplacement of any of these can cause huge damages for the construction firm. By switching to the digital filing of such papers and using dedicated online tools and software, companies can bring down documentation-related risks.

Bad Planning

Design flaws on the part of the architect or engineer is a significant risk to the industry. The easiest way to avoid these is to do thorough research before recruiting any member of your team.

Theft Risks

The theft of equipment and raw materials is a common occurrence in construction sites across the globe. To reduce such risks, the first step would be to increase the lighting in off-hours and to fence the entire perimeter.

Contractual Risks

Legal agreements between the general contractors and the owner are risky as any delay can attract penalties. To minimize such risks, it is essential to go for detailed construction risk management studies for each project and consider the output of such studies while drafting the legal contract.

Amendment to Contract in the Form of Change Orders

Payment disputes often arise from the lack of systematic management of change orders. This may also lead to the risk of construction delay. A simple way to avoid this would be by maintaining proper documentation of the price, scope of work, and documenting change orders serially.

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