Tips to Improve Construction Communication

Tips to Improve Construction Communication

by Proforma Construction, May 14, 2019

Try out these suggestions to improve your communication in the construction industry.

While having good communication is important for all businesses, it is especially vital for those in the construction industry.  This is because poor communication can delay timelines, reduce building quality, affect budgeting, compromise safety, and lead to major legal issues.  Fortunately, there are several steps that you can take to ensure that lines of communication remain open.  Your Pleasanton contractor invites you to try these communication tips on your next commercial construction project.

1) Use Technology– Using project management software and mobile devices will ensure that all team members are on the same page when it comes to changing plans or new suggestions.

2) Reinforce Messages– Good communication sometimes requires you to repeat the same things in different ways to ensure that the message is understood by all involved parties.  So, make sure you reinforce messages by conveying them in different ways.

3) Establish Chain of Command– Establishing a clear chain of command will help workers know who to go to for clarification.  Having a chain of command will also ensure that the distribution of information is organized and thorough.

4) Be Clear– Written communication should be written legibly and without potentially confusing slang, jargon, or abbreviations.  You should also make sure that you are as direct and simple as possible in your written communication.

5) Encourage Feedback– The last thing you want is for clients to voice their dissatisfaction with a project after everything is completed.  To avoid this, keep stakeholders in the loop regarding project progress and invite them to give feedback at any time.  This will allow you to make the necessary corrections much earlier in the construction process.

These are some of the ways that you can promote communication on your next commercial construction project.  Looking for more construction advice?  If so, then turn to your Pleasanton contractor at Proforma Construction.   Serving Pleasanton and the surrounding California area, our highly-trained team is ready to make your commercial construction dreams a reality.