Tips for Identifying the Best Design-Build Contractors

Tips for Identifying the Best Design-Build Contractors

by Proforma Construction Inc, August 9, 2018

Looking for a design-build contractor?  Then make sure that you choose the best.

Design-build construction is a term used to describe commercial construction in the Bay Area that is handled from start to finish by a single contractor or contracting firm.  Oftentimes, design-build projects are beneficial as they shorten timelines and reduce the cost of labor needed to complete the build.  However, the success of design-build projects depends heavily on your ability to choose the right contractor.  Here are some suggestions that can help you identify the best design-build contractor for your project.


The first step in selecting the right design-build contractor is actually finding out which firms in your area actually offer this service.  As design-build services are not standard offerings, this will cut down on your list of potential options very quickly.  Once you have identified the design-build companies in your area, check to make sure that they have all the necessary licensing and insurance requirements to fit the area in which you are looking to build.  From there, you can also shorten your list of potential companies by using customer reviews from various different sources.


Another thing to look for in a design-build contractor is longevity.  Look for firms or individual contractors that have been managing their business for a number of years.  When a company has been in the game for an extended period of time, this indicates that they are operating under good business practices.  Additionally, review the company’s portfolio.  You want to ensure that they have experience finishing many projects while also checking that they have experience with projects similar to the one you are looking to complete.

These are some of the suggestions that you should try to help you select the right design-build contractor for your project.  Are you looking for assistance with your commercial construction in the Bay Area?  Then turn to the experts at Proforma Construction.  Serving Pleasanton and the surrounding California area, our highly trained and experienced team is ready to make your commercial construction dreams a reality.  Contact us to get started today.