The Importance of Machine Learning in the Field of Construction

The Importance of Machine Learning in the Field of Construction

by Proforma Construction Inc, August 13, 2020

We are living in an era where machines are making it easier to carry out even the most complex, human-driven tasks. Amongst the many technologies, machine learning (ML) and artificial neural networks (ANN) remain important to optimize speed, performance, and efficiency. Apart from these regular tasks, these technological advancements play an important role in risk aversion and safety in construction industries.

Here is how machine learning helps in promoting efficiency at the construction site:

Preventing Cost Overruns

When working on large-scale projects, it is easy to go beyond the budget. Fortunately, ML and ANN help build predictive models that can assess project details to accurately estimate the resource requirement and allocation, reasonable deadlines, and appropriate budgets.

Improving Construction Site Safety

AI-powered algorithms can analyze photos from construction sites to locate potential hazards and hotspots for accidents. Organizations can compare these findings with incident records and take necessary construction site safety measures accordingly.

Generative Designs

Building construction designs can take more time. However, switching to generative design capabilities offered by machine learning can help you design with less time. These software tools follow a holistic approach with consideration to plumbing, electricity, etc. to develop a workable 3D model for your project. It makes intuitive adaptations to the design changes for optimal solutions.

Account for Risk Mitigation

Besides death, injury, and accidents, companies must also factor in other risks such as safety, quality, cost, and timelines. A lot can go wrong during the project execution. However, ML-based models are capable of making data-driven and realistic calculations while factoring in worst-case scenarios and help with risk mitigation.

Efficient Resource Allocation

Human or equipment resources determine the success of a project. The efficient allocation of resources calls for constant monitoring and analysis, which is impossible to carry out manually. ML-based software features these capabilities, which can help with the dynamic distribution of workforce and equipment and also helps with meeting deadlines swiftly.


You can enjoy these benefits by having AI and machine learning systems in your construction industry. Contact the experts at Proforma Construction for all your construction needs. We help you fulfill your construction dreams.