Renovation vs. Relocation: The Best Option for Your Business

Renovation vs. Relocation: The Best Option for Your Business

by Proforma Construction, November 14, 2017

Your Pleasanton contractor weighs in on the debate between office renovation and office relocation.

If you are deciding between renovating your office or simply relocating to a new space, then you must weigh the pros and cons of each option.  Not sure where to even start with this major business decision?  Your Pleasanton contractor breaks down the major considerations of such a decision.


There are many factors to consider before launching into a full-blown office renovation.  For instance, you’ll have to consider the extent of the renovations, which areas will be targeted for renovation, and whether the renovations will take place during business hours.  The more extensive and widespread a renovation is, the most disruptive it will be for your business.  Additionally, if your renovations are scheduled during work hours then it can make it very difficult for your employees to stay focused and productive.  If your office has a space that won’t be affected by the construction, then you could temporarily move your employees into this space to prevent them from being majorly affected.  Of course, you will also have to weigh the costs associated with renovating your office.  In some cases, it might be more expensive to renovate than it is to move to a completely new space.


Office relocation gives you an opportunity to rebuild your brand image as you make a new office space your own.  However, an office relocation could be damaging if your business was intimately connected with your previous office location.  Additionally, you’ll have to consider how moving offices will affect your employees’ commute and their overall morale.  You will also have to consider the time your business will lose as it transitions into the new office space.  The move could be rough on your business communications and it’s possible that your business might take a hit.  Finally, before choosing to relocate, you’ll have to consider costs and the current real estate market.  In some cases, office spaces might be too expensive or simply unavailable for your business.

These are some of the major factors what you will need to consider in regards to office renovation and relocation.  If you decide that renovating is your best bet, then make sure you choose a Pleasanton contractor that you can trust.  Contact Proforma Construction for assistance with all your commercial construction needs.  Serving the Bay Area and surrounding areas, we are ready to offer you service that exceeds your expectations.