Ready for an Earthquake? Find Out How Retrofitting Can Help Protect Your Commercial Property

Ready for an Earthquake? Find Out How Retrofitting Can Help Protect Your Commercial Property

by Proforma Construction, August 10, 2017

Learn about how retrofitting your commercial property can help improve earthquake safety.

In California, earthquakes are a common concern. Steps to prepare for earthquakes such as bolting heavy items to the floor and taking extra precautions when hanging items like painting and chandeliers, are a common occurrence. However, perhaps one of the most important tools businesses can use to prepare for an earthquake is building retrofitting. Not only is it required by law to update your buildings, however, it also helps to keep your commercial property safer during an earthquake. Find out what you need to know about retrofitting your commercial property for earthquake safety.

Why Retrofitting is a Must:

Safety is important when it comes to your commercial property. In California where earthquakes are imminent, it’s important that you’re prepared. Without the right structural integrity, your property risks damage and personal injury. Not only has there been a legislative push to require commercial properties to retrofit, but retrofitting helps to improve the safety of your property. You’ll reduce the risk of serious property damage, and you’ll offer a safer space for visitors, patrons, and staff.

Tips for Retrofitting Your Property:

  • The sooner, the better. It’s important that you retrofit your property sooner rather than later. That way your building is up-to-date with the latest seismic precautions and you’re better prepared for an earthquake.
  • Choose the right contractor. When it comes to retrofitting your commercial property, it’s important that you entrust your earthquake retrofitting to the right professionals. Choose an experienced contractor to make the necessary adjustments to your commercial property.

Ensure that you retrofit your commercial property so that you can maximize the safety of your building. Proforma Construction has the professionals to help you determine if remodeling, expanding or new construction is the best for your commercial construction needs.