How to Prepare Your Backyard for Some Summertime Fun!

How to Prepare Your Backyard for Some Summertime Fun!

by Proforma Construction Inc, May 23, 2016

Your yard may be ready for the summer to roll on through, but is it prepped for maximum summertime fun?

As Summer approaches, your yard patiently waits as it has done for many years. You may spend time outdoors doing many activities, but you can save a lot of money if you turn your attention the patch of land that lies right outside your back door. Your backyard! With the right preparations, your yard could be the epitome of fun. Follow these three tips to prepare your backyard for summertime fun!

  1. Make your yard into an outdoor movie theater

You’re going to need a projector for this one, but these days, projectors are not so expensive. Attach a white blackout fabric to some plywood and make sure it can stand on its own. Get some chairs or blankets, popcorn, some drinks (in regulation with the law), and put on a great movie. (May we recommend “Interstellar” to start the night? You’re under the stars, and it’s a cinematic masterpiece.)

  1. Bonfires

Everyone loves a good bonfire: s’mores, the smoky smell, and fun conversation. Just be sure to put out the fire completely to avoid any fires that would start otherwise.

  1. Go camping

Set up a tent in your backyard and spend the night outside. It’s even cooler if you invite your friends over, and you all bring your sleeping bags and tents. It may not sound like much, but once you’re out there your mind will shift into camping mode.

Summer is a great time for family and friends to spend time with one another and do many festivities. It’s also the time schools can afford large-scale construction and not disrupt class. When looking for a general contractor in the Bay Area, we encourage you to contact Proforma Construction. We have a team of professionals who are equipped to meet all of your commercial construction needs.