How New Construction Technologies Can Help Mitigate the Labor Shortage

How New Construction Technologies Can Help Mitigate the Labor Shortage

by Proforma Construction Inc, May 19, 2020

Going by the trend over the past five years or so, the problem concerned with construction labor shortage is on the rise, and there is no scope of improvement in the state any time soon as a lesser number of millennials are willing to step into the construction industry. Thus, there is an urgent need to sort out the issue of the construction labor shortage. This can be done by developing new construction technologies that can get more work done with fewer laborers and with the utmost efficiency.

Smart Technologies are Fighting Construction Labor Shortage

Some of the emerging technologies and solutions that are being implemented include:

Construction Software

This software is specially designed to boost up the productivity level and solve communication-related issues within the crew involved in construction projects. Some of the leading software work on:

  • Time Tracking– Used as mobile apps equipped with GPS technology and help the crew in time scheduling and making up for the lost time.
  • Project Management– Focuses on speeding up communication among various departments and helps in breaking the language barriers within the teams.
  • Modeling and Machine Control– Used for simulating the digital 3-D models of various infrastructures before they are built. At the time of building, machine control software assists machines to work precisely on the data obtained from 3-D models. Such software increases construction efficiency by about 50%.

Robotics and Automation

Robotics and automation are doing an excellent job in curbing the construction labor shortage by replacing humans with robots and thus reducing the need for a larger workforce as a robot can do the job of 20 people. As the applications of 3-D printing are getting wider, nowadays, everything ranging from structural pillars to entire homes can be automated.

So, if you’re in the construction industry and are facing the labor shortage, start considering which tech solutions your company can implement to get more work done with fewer hands. Looking for an experienced construction company that can help you with your construction projects? Contact the experts at Proforma Construction for all your construction needs.