General Construction Vs. Design-Build

General Construction Vs. Design-Build

by Proforma Construction Inc, June 12, 2018

Learn about some of the differences between general construction and design-build.

In the commercial construction industry, there are two major terms that are commonly applied to projects: general construction and design-build.  General construction is a broad term that is applied to a variety of construction projects including new construction builds and remodels.  In contrast, design-build refers to projects that a contractor handles all the way from the design stage to the end of construction.  While design-build construction projects are less common than general construction, there are several benefits associated with this type of commercial construction.  Here’s how design-build differs from general construction and how these differences benefit the client.

Cost Differential

When a contractor or construction company handles a project from end-to-end, they have the ability to leverage relationships and connections to keep construction costs down.  To start, the transparent communication between the construction team and the specialists they rely on will allow for more seamless collaboration which, in turn, will reduce the chances of expensive plan changes.  Additionally, because construction companies will only work with subcontractors and specialists that they can trust, there will be a more accurate labor assessment and materials cost assessment right from the get go.  During a general construction project, the design team and the construction team are removed from each other, making expensive problems more likely to crop up.

Differences in Efficiency and Timeline

With design-build projects, there tends to be more open communication and teamwork between all project members.  Thanks to this teamwork, processes can be streamlined and scheduling delays can be kept at a minimum.  When dealing with a general construction process, the client has to work with both a designer and a general contractor separately.  This in turn can increase the chances of miscommunication and delays.  Because design-build projects only require the client to manage a single point of contact, these projects tend to be completed more quickly and efficiently.

These are some of the major differences between a general construction and a design-build construction project.  Interested in working with an experienced general contractor for your next building project?  Then contact the experts at Proforma Construction.  Serving Pleasanton and the surrounding California area, our highly trained and experienced team is ready to make your commercial construction vision a reality.