4 Ways to Optimize Construction Team Management

4 Ways to Optimize Construction Team Management

by Proforma Construction Inc, October 22, 2020

One of the most valuable “secrets” to successfully managing a construction team is to promote a worker-friendly atmosphere. For the work to be done accurately and on time, the crew must operate as a well-trained team. Here are 4 ways to optimize construction team management.

1. Maintain a Comfortable Work Environment

It’s better to motivate a team with incentives and interactivity than dictate a rigid agenda. Stricter interactions result in greater delays and reduced productivity. Micromanagement has its pros and cons, but too much of it can lower worker morale. If you don’t account for the changes, the construction project management process will become unpredictable.

The modern alternative to the rigid agenda is to assemble a team of individuals who work well with others and recognize the talent they each provide. Such a mindset will create a more open atmosphere that encourages higher ambition and energy levels. It will shape a productive process focusing on quality, as each individual contributes to the result.

Workers should be allowed to ask questions when they aren’t clear on project details. They should also be confident of being covered by proper insurance in the event of getting injured on this very dangerous job. Every employer must understand how stress weakens health and productivity. Reducing stress in the highly stressful construction work environment helps maintain a healthy staff, which can lower insurance costs.

2. Allow Open Communication

Open communication is crucial for team management in construction because the complexities of engineering often result in overlooked details until midway through a project. At any point, a team member should be allowed to address an issue when they’ve uncovered information that can lead to a more resourceful process or final product.

Even the best communicators can be misunderstood, so it’s essential to get worker feedback to ensure instructions are clear. Furthermore, team members should not be penalized or viewed as incompetent for not initially understanding a crucial directive. Encouraging a positive atmosphere of trust and understanding goes much further than fostering an atmosphere of silence, misunderstanding, and paranoia.

Limited engagement may lead to a lack of interest in the project. Individuals are more productive as team members when there is a visible appreciation for their work. A friendly team atmosphere attracts a greater sharing of information, strengthening the knowledge base of the project.

3. Be Flexible in Planning

Any given construction site can have unexpected nuances that alter the project or its scheduling. Natural disasters or economic challenges can slow down a project for months. So make sure the scheduling and budgeting of the project allow for flexibility.

If a shortage of construction materials or labor occurs, it can cause costs to rise dramatically. Another reason for changes in project expectations may be the discovery of design flaws that take time to be corrected. Part of the planning process should include periodically identifying the change in assessments when needed.

4.Share Overall Goals with Workers

Each team member should have a vivid idea of the client’s big picture for the project. Understanding the client’s vision of the final product helps all team members contribute to a common goal. Construction workers should also learn their company’s overall goals, so they feel they are vital to building the firm’s future. This sense of teamwork can be achieved using words such as “we” and “us” when addressing workers.

Paying close attention to the above tips for managing a construction team can lead to savings for both the contractor and the client. Maintaining a sense of team spirit, flexibility, and common cause will do wonders for productivity and meeting deadlines. Contact the experts at Proforma Construction, Bay Area, to learn more about the construction project management process. We are available at your service even during the pandemic.