Commercial Construction Trends in the Cannabis Industry

Commercial Construction Trends in the Cannabis Industry

by Proforma Construction, January 4, 2018

Learn which commercial design trends are popular in the rising cannabis industry.

Recently, the commercial real estate and construction industries have been revitalized by the newest business—cannabis cultivation, harvesting, and distribution.  Curious to see how this new industry is affecting commercial construction?  Your Pleasanton contractor is ready to give you the low-down on some of the most prevalent commercial construction trends in the cannabis industry.


Designed to enable the cultivation of cannabis in urban settings, most commercial greenhouses consist of a concrete pad and a metal framework as the base structure.  From there, the unique needs of the grower determine which lighting, irrigation, humidity control, and temperature control systems will be implemented.  Generally, these greenhouses are also designed to handle the packaging and shipping of the product after a harvest is complete.


As a new business sector, the cannabis market is booming and this means that there is a lot of capital at play.  This is why most cannabis facilities need a heavy-duty vault on the premises for both money and product security.  The vaults should implement the use of armored walls and a complex locking system.  It’s important that the vault be as close to impenetrable as possible; it could be the last thing standing in a criminal’s or a natural disaster’s way.

Tenant Improvements

Not all cannabis construction projects are ground-up construction.  In many cases, growers are converting existing buildings to create growing spaces.  Depending on the existing design of the building and the growers’ needs, these construction improvements can be termed change of use, adaptive reuse, or remodels.

These are some of the most popular construction trends in the rising cannabis industry.  Curious to learn more about how you can begin your commercial construction journey?  Then turn to the experts at Proforma Construction.  Serving Pleasanton and the surrounding California area, our experienced team is now doing excellent work in the cannabis industry.  Contact us for more information today.