Watch Out for These Top Construction Tech Trends for 2019

Watch Out for These Top Construction Tech Trends for 2019

by Proforma Construction Inc, January 15, 2019

These new technology trends will take the construction industry by storm.

New technological innovations are bringing about major changes in every industry, and commercial construction in the Bay Area is no different.  In fact, here are some of the major tech trends that experts expect to see in the construction industry over the next year.

1) Augmented Reality (AR): Experts predict a $90B increase in the global AR market by 2020

2) Construction Software & Data Ecosystems: Real-time collaboration software is expected to guide the construction process from start to finish.

3) Building Information Modeling (BIM): New BIM tech will change how construction projects are managed, designed, and developed.  88% of construction stakeholders believe that BIM technology can lead to better design insight.

4) Modular Construction: Assembling projects off-site and transporting them to their final destination cuts down on costs and project timelines.  In fact, modular construction projects can be completed 65 times faster than traditional projects.

5) Self-Heating Concrete: This new building material is expected to take off in 2019, with 58 metric tons used by 2030.

6) Drones: Drones will continue to play a major role in the commercial construction process.  Experts calculate that the drone industry’s value will jump from $2B to $10B over the next decade.

7) Robotics: As the industrial robotics sector is expected to increase by 175% over the next decade, experts predict that this tech will become a major force in the construction industry.

8) Cloud and Mobile Technology: Cloud-enabled mobile tech will become more popular so companies can remain in constant contact, get real-time updates of projects, and stay competitive.

9) Advanced Uses for GPS: GPS tracking solutions will be used to improve data collection.

10) Wearable Technology: Wearable tech is expected to play a major role in improving worker safety and tracking project progress more efficiently.  Approximately 250 million smart wearables are expected to be in use by the end of 2019.

These are some of the major tech trends that are expected to affect the construction industry in 2019.  Looking for a firm that is up to date with all the latest design and tech trends to handle your commercial construction in the Bay Area?  If so, then contact the experts at Proforma Construction.  Serving Pleasanton and the surrounding California area, our highly-trained team is ready to make your commercial construction dreams a reality.