Things to Check Before You Start Your Road Trip

Things to Check Before You Start Your Road Trip

by Proforma Construction Inc, August 15, 2016

As the summer’s end nears, you may still have one more plan up your sleeve: one final road trip before the school year starts. 

As the end of summer draws near, gas prices have begun to drop meaning that’s it’s a great time to head out on a road trip. Whether you’re only going a relatively short distance or going from coast to coast, you’re going to need to check that your car is ready to handle such a trek. Here are some things to check before you start your road trip to ensure that it’ll be one to remember–for all of the right reasons.

  1. Tires: Inspect your tires for any wear that may prove to be hazardous on the road. Any bulges or tears? If yes, then you should purchase new tires before you start this road trip. If your tires are fine, then check the air pressure. Neither too low or too high is the only way to secure a safe trip.
  2. Battery: Make sure that there aren’t any corrosive elements to your car battery. A road trip is no fun if the car doesn’t start.
  3. Fluids: Make sure that all of your fluids are at optimal levels: engine oil, transmission and differential fluids, coolant, and brake fluid.
  4. Take Breaks: Not only for your car, but for you! Your car needs a break every now and then and so do you. Make sure that you all take turns driving; if there’s only one person who can drive, then stop every 3 to 4 hours to stretch those legs.

Take the time to prepare for your road trip–it’s the only way you can be sure it’ll be a blast. When looking for a Pleasanton contractor who can help you make the right decision, we encourage you to contact Proforma Construction. We are equipped to meet all of your commercial construction needs.