Project Highlight: Montessori School of Tracy

Project Highlight: Montessori School of Tracy

by Proforma Construction Inc, October 28, 2016

Proforma Construction is proud to announce a great project that was recently completed, the Montessori School of Tracy.

Proforma Construction is happy to announce the Montessori Elementary and Middle School of Tracy. We worked closely with the owner, designers, subcontractors, and the city of Tracy to complete the project within budget, as well as ahead of schedule. Schools are the incubators in which our children learn, and a well-built school helps support a good school.

The Montessori School of Tracy has a 4.5-acre campus and was built in only 6.5 months! By lime treating the land, it allowed us to continue building through the wettest winter we have experienced in over three years and minimized the weather delays.

It also includes radiant heat floors in all classrooms to keep the students comfortable during the cold winter days.

Budgets and schedules are things that some construction companies throw away as soon as construction begins. At Proforma Construction, we are happy to announce that we stayed within the budget and finished ahead of schedule.

The building construction process followed strict T-24 guidelines, including approvals from a third-party for the efficiency of the building.

The school is brand new and the first day of class was on August 29, 2016.

There are 8 classrooms and accommodates grades 1-8. It also has an outdoor soccer field, a gymnasium with basketball and volleyball options, and a total of 175 lockers for the students to store their backpacks, book, jackets, and any other things they may need to store in their locker.

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