General Contractors in the Bay Area Know the Power of Pre-Painted Metals

General Contractors in the Bay Area Know the Power of Pre-Painted Metals

by Proforma Construction Inc, June 28, 2016

General contractors in the Bay Area know that with quality coatings, pre-painted metals can be abrasion resistant, delivering protection and long-lasting aesthetic.

Pre-painted metals are widely recognized for building exteriors because of their durability, cost, and near infinite uses. While not common on the interior, their design characteristics make them impressive for any use. Their unique metal design elements can be subtle, or take center stage with dramatic shapes and extravagant colors. With high-quality coatings, these products can even be abrasion resistant even for heavy commercial use, delivering the protection and long-lasting duty your business deserves when properly used by general contractors in the Bay Area.

Pre-painted wall panels come in many styles that include composite, rubbed, and insulated. Metal wall panels are also lightweight to make installation easier than traditional walls. They can also provide more freedom when it comes to their design because they can have striking shapes and colors, or take on a subtle appearance.

Pre-painted metal outlasts wood, so it’s no surprise that it is commonly used by interior doors, windows, and cabinetry manufacturers to improve their durability and aesthetic qualities.

Ever look up at tile systems in offices, airports, government buildings, hospitals, universities, and convention centers? The ceiling tiles were likely made out of pre-painted metal. They are a fairly popular choice because they are lightweight—which, again, makes installation easier—durable, more attractive, and have superior heat and sound insulation properties.

The right paint coatings can help your next project come to life with pre-painted metals. They can be molded into almost any design you desire because of metals inherent flexibility and, because the coating’s durability, will last for a long time. When looking for a general contractor in the Bay Area, we encourage you to contact Proforma Construction. We have a team of professionals who are equipped to meet all of your commercial construction needs and help you with your pre-painted metal inquiries.