How to Minimize Business Interruptions and Maintain Continuity in Construction Companies

How to Minimize Business Interruptions and Maintain Continuity in Construction Companies

by Proforma Construction Inc, August 20, 2020

The construction industry is one of the most dynamic and high-risk sectors. Generally, risks and interruptions may happen at any time during any project. However, if you have a plan to minimize business interruption, you can continue delivering results and bringing in more profits despite the issues.

Here are a few steps to minimize business interruptions and ensure business continuity:

Carry Out Risk Assessment

The best business risk management strategy is to stay prepared for the unexpected. Adopt a holistic view of what you classify as “risk” and start by evaluating the potential risks and categorize them as preventable and non-preventable. Consider both environmental and human risks when evaluating.

Determine Business Interruption Costs

Determine the cost of interruption for each risk. When calculating business interruption costs, you need to include project overheads, increased resource allocation, fines or penalties, and failure to stick to timelines.

Implement Steps for Risk Prevention and Mitigation

Once you have determined the risks, you need to outline the steps to prevent those. For instance, you can provide protective gear and safety training to prevent any accidents and hazards at the construction site. You also need to have a risk mitigation strategy to offset the effects of interruption.

Understand Your Insurance Coverage

Review your business interruption insurance to understand whether it helps you cover the damages and repairs. Typically, your insurance covers physical damage, property damage, and government intervention. Go through your policy terms such as exclusions, waiting periods, and coverage to understand how it works.

Formulate a Crisis Plan

Have a crisis plan ready to bounce back in the event of a business interruption. Staying prepared can help minimize the effects of business interruption. Prepare a crisis communication plan to stay up to date and keep your customers and employees in the loop for all the news and updates. Also, have an emergency plan in place to minimize the effects of the hazard.

With these steps, you can minimize business interruption. For assistance with all your construction needs, contact the expert at Proforma Construction.  We will help you with your construction projects and fulfill your dreams.