How to Avoid Struck-by-Object Injuries

How to Avoid Struck-by-Object Injuries

by Proforma Construction Inc, March 19, 2020

Tips to protect your staff from struck-by-object hazards.

According to OSHA, struck-by-object risks are one of the “fatal four” types of hazards.  As the name suggests, struck-by-object injuries occur when an employee is hit by a piece of equipment or some other object that is falling, swinging, or rolling.  In the construction industry, these types of injuries are particularly common because workers operate in close proximity to heavy machinery and often walk beneath areas of active construction.  So how can employers protect their workers from this serious risk?  Try out these tips to protect your staff from struck-by-object hazards.

  • Make Hardhats Mandatory on Construction Sites

If aerial work is being done at your construction site (such as work involving scaffolding), then anyone in the area needs to wear protective hardhats.  This includes employees, customers, and other visitors.  This protective headgear will reduce the chance of your employees sustaining a serious head injury if someone drops equipment, supplies, tools, or so on from above.

  • Require Your Workers to Wear Protective Eyewear

If your employees operate equipment that has the potential to create flying particles or dust, then you should provide them with protective eyewear.  For instance, you should provide your staff with goggles, safety glasses, or face shields.  You should also create safety protocols that require your staff to wear their eyewear whenever they are in the vicinity of hazards.

  • Limit Access to Areas of Active Construction

Accidents are more likely to happen to workers who are not adequately trained to work in high-risk areas.  This is why you should only open dangerous worksites to employees who have received extensive training and who have prior experience with similar sites.  These workers will be more vigilant about their safety and will be able to avoid accidents through risk mitigation techniques.

Use these tips to protect your staff from struck-by-object hazards.  Are you looking to work with a contractor who always makes safety a priority?  Then contact the experts at Proforma Construction.   Serving Pleasanton and the surrounding California area, our highly-trained team is ready to make your commercial construction dreams a reality.