What Household Items Should You Recycle?

What Household Items Should You Recycle?

by Proforma Construction Inc, July 25, 2016

Recycling is an incredibly important part of our daily lives that helps decrease carbon emissions and keeps the landfills from overflowing. 

The average person produces an average of 4.5 pounds of waste every single day. Multiply that by 320 million (the population of the U.S.) and that gives us 1.4 billion pounds every DAY. That’s a lot of garbage and is the cause of the waste problem that faces the United States today. This is just one reason as to why recycling is so important. Here are some household items that you should recycle when you have finished using them.

  1. Paper-based Items. It takes a lot of trees to make a single ream of paper, and all it takes is a little Google search of the Amazon Rainforest to see the toll humans are causing. From things like paper plates to cardboard to books and shredded paper.
  2. Plastic Items. It takes fossil fuels to create plastic and when you throw it into the garbage, a lot of that ends up in the ocean and then later digested by the building blocks of all ocean life. Plastic takes an unbelievable time to decompose, so the more use people can get out of it the better.
  3. Batteries. Those batteries you use to power your fire alarm, TV remote, and everything else that doesn’t plug into the wall is composed of extremely hazardous chemicals, which can leak into the soil and water supply, and wreak havoc. Check your local library and post office to see if they have designated recycling bins.

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