How El Nino is Affecting Construction Times

How El Nino is Affecting Construction Times

by Proforma Construction Inc, February 15, 2016

El Nino rains are leading to big issues in the construction world.

While most people are excited about the drought relief that is coming with the current El Nino conditions, those in construction have opposite feelings. As the skies open up, construction times get longer, leading to deadlines that get missed and completion times that get pushed back.

Heavy rains soak the California soil, inhibiting workers’ ability to get their job done, or even make any type of progress. It could even lead to materials not being delivered to job sites, all of which will lead to construction projects taking much longer than first expected.

Construction workers also have to take special precautions to ensure the heavy rains don’t cause any potentially dangerous materials to wash away into nearby neighborhoods. Taking the right steps to contain all potential runoff, from sandbag and hay to extra gravel and mulch can not only increase the cost of the project, but can also slow it down. The more time that has to be spent putting these precautions in place, the less time can be spent on the actual work that needs to be done.

Heavy El Nino rains will not only stop construction projects the day that the rain is falling, but also for days leading up to and right after a storm. Construction teams can lose around four days of work when it comes to putting the right controls in place. Even after the storm has passed, the site may be too muddy to drive or walk on, which leads to work days lost waiting for the ground to dry out.

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