Is Drone Aerial Photography Best for Your Construction Project?

Is Drone Aerial Photography Best for Your Construction Project?

by Proforma Construction Inc, September 19, 2016

Drone sales have skyrocketed throughout the past couple of years and have shown us a different perspective, but is drone aerial photography good for your construction?

Aerial photography plays an important part in construction projects to get that much sought-after bird’s eye view. They also help with the planning process, assist builders in documenting the progress, give workers an opportunity to spot errors that would otherwise be missed, and more. The only way you used to be able to get aerial shots of your project was to hire a professional pilot. Now, the drone allows you to save that money and take the pictures you want. But since drones are fairly new to the human world, laws circulating them are constantly changing. Is there anything you should know about drones?

Hobby or Business

As long as you are using the drone for personal use and enjoyment, it is considered a hobby. The current FAA position is that you cannot fly drones for commercial purposes, without the FAA’s permission. Anything that could potentially benefit your business is frowned upon, whether or not you’re receiving income from it.

The Rules

  • A grant permission issued by the FAA in accordance with Section 333.
  • Those operating drones for commercial purposes need to have a recreational pilot’s license or sport class pilot’s license.
  • You cannot fly within five miles of an airport without contacting the control tower first.
  • Any aircraft that weighs more than 0.55 pounds must be registered with the FAA.

Drones present a great opportunity to expand our workforce in ways unimaginable just 10 years ago. Using one without the proper approval could see your business lose quite a bit of money if something were to happen while flying your drone. When looking for a Pleasanton contractor who can help you make the right decision, we encourage you to contact Proforma Construction. We are equipped to meet all of your commercial construction needs.