Decorating Your Business For The Holidays? Use These Tips

Decorating Your Business For The Holidays? Use These Tips

by Proforma Construction Inc, December 4, 2015

These tips will help with decorating your business for the holiday season!

The world is becoming a very festive place, and your business shouldn’t be left behind! By putting in a little work to decorate around the office, you greet your customers with holiday cheer and can put a little pep in your employees’ steps, too.

You want to strike the proper balance between professional and seasonal, and we can help! Here are a few great tips to use when decorating your business for the holidays.

Go green.  

Live decorations are a great way to make your office feel fresh and energized even when everyone’s trumping in tired after a weekend of holiday festivities. Mini potted pines and poinsettias are a great way to add color and life across the office.

Garland games.

Swag décor through your office with festive garlands. If you’re the type of business that likes doing team building activities, giving your staff supplies and having them create garlands to string throughout your business is fun! If not, you can always buy them.

Get everybody involved.

You can only do so much, and if your employee’s desks still look like they always do it can detract from your decorating efforts. Encourage your team to decorate their own spaces! Holding a cubicle/desk/work area decorating competition is a great way to get people to actually put in the effort.

Give a good impression.

You don’t want anyone – customers or employees – to feel excluded because your holiday décor points to one holiday over another. Choose neutral colors instead of palettes that obviously point to a single holiday (e.g. red and green for Christmas).

Happy holidays from the entire commercial construction team at Proforma Construction! Whenever you need a Pleasanton contractor or general contractors in the Bay Area, contact us to learn about how we can put our California construction services to work for you.