Components of Remote Construction Monitoring

Components of Remote Construction Monitoring

by Proforma Construction Inc, August 11, 2020

Project Managers have to employ a multi-disciplinary approach for the successful completion of construction projects. A construction project involves many tasks to handle and monitor. Project managers may have multiple construction projects, so monitoring all projects simultaneously can be impossible, as they need to be physically available at all project sites. This is where remote monitoring can help. The pandemic has made it even more necessary to develop systems that require minimal human interaction.

Here are the elements required to leverage remote monitoring:

High-Speed Internet Access

Providing internet access to the project location is the first step for remote monitoring. You can establish an internet connection through fixed broadband systems, mobile hotspots, and satellites. Invest in a high-speed network as it will function smoothly and offer you real-time monitoring.

Surveillance Cameras

A monitoring system must include surveillance cameras. Surveillance cameras can be expensive, but the benefits outweigh its cost.

You need to choose the best surveillance camera for your remote monitoring system. Explore different models that offer a wide array of options and features and choose the one depending on your budget and requirements. Based on your remote monitoring needs, you can choose a camera with either a high-definition live stream or time-lapse video recording.


GPS is yet another affordable technology to monitor the functioning of your workforce at the site. GPS trackers can help locate the object and the time taken to reach a destination. Using these metrics, you can evaluate how fast the machinery is moving and gauge its performance. Additionally, you can use these insights to schedule regular repair and maintenance for the equipment.


Drones can be highly effective in monitoring the hard to reach areas in your construction site. It offers an aerial view of certain locations such as rooftops, high-rises, and cantilevers. Certain drones possess UAV mapping that can help in making informed decisions regarding the safety and design considerations of the project.


As remote monitoring systems can help measure progress and address security concerns, having one at your construction site is important. Contact the experts at Proforma Constructionfor all your construction needs.