How Adaptive Reuse Construction Can Help You Save

How Adaptive Reuse Construction Can Help You Save

by Proforma Construction Inc, September 23, 2015

What you need to know about adaptive reuse construction, and how it could be the solution you need.

Is your company looking for a way to get into an office space with history, but struggling to make the right space fit into your budget?

If so, adaptive reuse construction could be just the solution you need! With this type of construction, you take an existing building and adapt it to your purposes. Unlike a complete renovation, though, adaptive reuse reclaims a site and preserves the societal value and historic relevance of the site. In other words, adaptive reuse makes it possible to take an existing building that matters to your community and use it for your own commercial purposes without diminishing its history.

Adaptive reuse is beneficial in two distinct ways: it’s great for your community and it’s great for your company.

When you go the route of adaptive reuse construction, you significantly reduce the cost of getting into a new commercial space. By utilizing an existing building, it’s easier to get into a prime location (e.g. downtown) without going through the process and expense of getting new build permits in the area. Plus, because the building already exists and you merely need to adapt it, you significantly save on material and labor costs.

You’re also doing your community a favor. When you choose to use an existing building that is no longer viable in its former use, you preserve an important structure, reduce urban sprawl, and avoid the environmental impact of a new build.

Adaptive reuse construction requires your commercial construction team to toe the line between reclamation and demolition, and if they’re not experienced the situation can get messy. Save yourself the hassle and expense of seeing your adaptive reuse project go awry and contact Proforma Construction. We have years of adaptive reuse experience in the Bay Area of Northern California and are here to help you create the perfect commercial space.