21 HVAC Tools All Contractors Must Have in Their Toolbox

21 HVAC Tools All Contractors Must Have in Their Toolbox

by Proforma Construction Inc, July 14, 2020

HVAC technicians should have the necessary HVAC tools to complete their job. Sometimes, basic tools are not enough to repair or replace certain parts. All HVAC technicians should have these 21 hand tools to perform repairs and installation.

1. HVAC Mobile Software

HVAC software that can be accessed on mobile can make life easier for roofing and general contractors and the companies employing the contractors. It is required to document job site activity, including poorly installed units or any other problems.

2. Hammer

Technicians must have straight claw hammer and the lightweight basic hammer to complete various tasks.

3. Wire Strippers

This tool is required to remove the protective coating of an electrical wire.

4. Pliers

Pliers like channel-lock and open-face are required to cut wires and reduce electrical shock.

5. Pipe Wrench

It is a plumbing tool required to attach or remove pipes.

6. Measuring Tape

A durable tape measure is used for measuring space before installing HVAC systems.

7. Screwdriver

Contractors use screwdrivers to screw and unscrew HVAC systems.

8. Step Ladder

It is a must-have tool when you want to reach high places and points safely.

9. Cordless Drill

This tool is required to drill anything in attics and crawlspaces.

10. Multimeter

Multimeter saves general contractors from electric shock. It measures resistance, electric current, and voltage in outlets, wires, and switches.

11. Extension Cord

It helps to plug two or more devices at the same time and provide the power supply.

12. Thermometer

It determines if the refrigerant needs to be added or a piece of equipment is needed.

13. Recovery Unit

It is used to safely recover the refrigerant from the system.

14. Manifold Gauge

Contractors use this tool to find out leaks in an airline and air conditioner units.

15. Reciprocating Saw

It is used to cut through sheet metal, drywall, pipes, or wood.

16. Vacuum Pump

Contractors use it to pull out moisture and air from AC lines.

17. Tubing Cutter

This tool is used to cut 1/8th” – 1-1/8th” pipes.

18. Megger

It helps in maintaining the electrical network and check insulation resistance.

19. Coil Fin Straightener

It prevents unit failure.

20. Micron Gauge

It checks the level of vacuum in AC Units.

21. Refrigerant Scale

It measures the volume of refrigerant.

These are some of the HVAC tools contractors must keep in their toolbox. Are you looking for an experienced construction company that can help you with your construction project? Contact the experts at Proforma Construction in Oakland.