Ask These Questions Ahead of Your Adaptive Reuse Construction Project

Ask These Questions Ahead of Your Adaptive Reuse Construction Project

by Proforma Construction, February 13, 2020

Important questions for your adaptive reuse commercial construction project.

Adaptive reuse refers to a type of commercial construction project where an existing property is redesigned to give the structure a new purpose.  Recently, these types of projects have grown in popularity because they often require less time and money and also cut down on the amount of waste produced during the construction process.   However, it’s important to understand that adaptive reuse projects require different considerations than ground-up construction.  To ensure that you know what your project entails, your Pleasanton contractor offers some adaptive reuse construction questions to keep in mind.

  • What will it take to transform the existing space into the client’s vision?

The goal of adaptive reuse projects is transforming an existing space so that it can serve a new purpose.  This is why, at the outset of a project, you must think about everything that needs to be done to make the space workable for the client’s needs.  For instance, if you are converting a retail store into a restaurant, then you will likely have to re-do the building’s ductwork, plumbing, and gas lines to support a commercial kitchen’s needs.  You will also have to partition the space to create separate kitchen and dining areas.  Smaller details such a redecorating the dining space, installing ambient lighting, and so on must also be considered.  While this can seem intimidating, understanding what needs to be done to transform the space is a vital part of the planning process.  Not only does this help to determine the project’s budget and timeline, but it also helps the client decide if a project is worth undertaking at all.

  • What elements need to be preserved?

In some cases, an adaptive reuse project takes place in a historic building or in an area where the community is committed to maintaining the original character of the neighborhood.  In both of these cases, you may have to preserve certain features of the building you are trying to repurpose.  Before starting work on your project, you need to carefully review which original features of the building are landmark-protected or essential to the character of the structure.  Your team must work around these features to ensure that you are maintaining the historical significance and charm of the building.  Understanding historical preservation needs at the outset of your project will help you avoid angering neighbors and stop you from destroying anything of historical relevance.

These are some of the important questions that you should ask before beginning an adaptive reuse construction project.  Do you have more questions about adaptive reuse or other commercial construction trends?  If so, then contact your Pleasanton contractor at Proforma Construction.   Serving Pleasanton and the surrounding California area, our highly-trained team is ready to make your commercial construction dreams a reality.