3 Ways Technology is Changing Commercial Construction

3 Ways Technology is Changing Commercial Construction

by Proforma Construction, April 4, 2016

Technology changes everything, including construction.

Construction is one of the few industries left that still uses techniques that were put in place decades ago. (If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?) But as we’re beginning to see, not even something as classic as construction is immune to the effects of technology. Like other industries, construction is embracing technology and always looking for ways in which it can help. Here are 3 ways that technology is playing a key role in construction and helping us deliver quality service to our customers:

  • Efficiency

Time is of the essence for construction companies to meet the schedule they promised their customers. The customer wants a job well done, and if it can be done sooner rather than later, they’ll take that option. Technology has helped speed up a variety of our processes, like the bidding process. Everything is digital now, making communication and response times more efficient.

  • Tools

The job site looks a lot different than it did even just a few years ago. The implementation and reliance on computers offers the ability to do things only thought to exist in Star Trek. From rendering jobs in 3D images to allow for a more realistic view of the finished project, to 3D printing. Technology will only advance, which means that our construction methods will too!

  • Client Services

Project and construction information was difficult to share back in the day. With today’s construction project management software and automated signature applications we are able to more efficiently process documents for approval to keep the job moving along and avoid delays. Leveraging technology to make things easy for our clients is what makes us stand out from the rest.

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